Bolivia pt. II

From August 6, 2011


I said yesterday I’d write about Bolivia and then write about my application process today…but my Bolivia trip includes a lot to write about so it will take a while to put it all in here. Probably over the course of seven or eight parts. Sorry if you don’t want to read it, you can skip it. Although right now I only have one “follower” and a maybe one or two people without tumblrs reading this. That’s okay though.

So July 15th. After I shot hoops with some of the boys I went back into the apartment. We had time to relax and eat dinner. After this I went outside again and listened to music with two of the boys, Nelson and Ricardo. Morgan sponsors Nelson and he’s such an awesome kid. So is Ricardo. They both have so much love in their hearts. That night we did tickle time with the pequeños (the youngest boys.) Everyone seriously had a blast. Those kids are crazy, running around nonstop.

July 16th was our first full day with the boys. Granted we arrived in Bolivia at 5 am on Friday but we had more traveling to do and quite a bit of downtime to adjust. We woke up early to do devotionals and eat breakfast before heading out to el parque at 9:30.

As soon as we got to the park Julie asked me, Brandon, and Algie if we wanted to play basketball with some of the older boys. My sister plays basketball and one of my best friends just went off to college in Mexico to play basketball…but it doesn’t translate to me having any ability to play. And let me tell you, these kids were GOOD. One kid on my team was killing it! Unfortunately we ended up losing but I’d like to blame that on the 8,500+ feet altitude haha.

We stayed at the park until about 4 pm making bracelets, watching the boys swim and watching the boys push some of the team/hosts in the pool (thankfully I did not get pushed into the freezing cold water).

Some of the boys would just curl up with me and look through my camera to see all of my pictures or make fun of me (they love to do that) or just talk. I’ve always loved kids so it’s amazing just to feel the love radiating from these kids. They’re all in an orphanage and have been through terrible abuse but you would never know they’ve suffered because their love is absolutely so pure.

We went to church that night for the youth night. Let me tell you, it was definitely different than Radiant Life.  It’s cool to experience different things down here though. Their church had back up dancers and singers and baton twirlers and choreography. It was pretty awesome.

To be continued. 🙂


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