Bolivia pts. V – VIII

From August 18, 2011

I’ve officially decided to combine the rest of my Bolivia story into two blogs because I don’t want to make the few readers I have grow wary of this long story. And plus I’m super sleepy right now so it’s harder for me to remember all the details in chronological order.

First up I’ll be discussing our tickle time with the rest of the boys.

Intermedios: These boys are the second youngest group. We did tickle time with them but mostly read and played games and things like this. The books were often in both Spanish and English so they liked to have me read to them in English after they read the line in Spanish. It was a fun way to hang out. I think I may have mentioned this in a previous blog but that’s okay.

Medianos: The medianos are not particularly interested in being tickled because they’re mostly in the 12 and 13 age group. We walked into their room blasting Justin Bieber (they love his music…as do I) and I left my ipod up to DJ the night with some Wisin & Yandel and J.Biebs. It was an interesting combo. I played soccer with Julie and Nikki and some of the boys. If there’s one thing I learned involving deportes (sports), it’s that I am not meant to become a soccer star. However, once I got a “goal” and became the goalie. That was short-lived though. That night was actually the first night where I really hung out with Isaias…he’s the one who told me to start playing with them. He was probably then laughing at me on the inside because I am so horrible at the most popular sport in South America.

Activities with the boys:

One night we had a bonfire with the boys. It was awesome!! I love bonfires and roasting marshmellows. A bunch of Allie’s ESL students came and it was really cool to get to know them. Allie is seriously an amazing teacher because I think they’d each been in class for about 7 weeks or so and their English was fantastic! A couple of times they would slip into Spanish and it was hard for me to say “English please!” because I secretly (or pretty openly) wanted to practice my Spanish some more. But ultimately I did speak only English to them (mostly) and I had plenty of time to speak Spanish to everyone else in Bolivia.

Pizza night:

Thursday night at the BLC some of the boys worked to help make us pizza. My mouth was literally watering because this pizza looked and smelled so good. And it did not disappoint! We served the boys their pizza first and then took seats among them. It was so delicious. I wish I had brought some home haha. After pizza though the boys (and hosts/staff) held a talent show performance kind of thing for us. It was really cute!! And the kids who danced were really good. I loved it. The hosts/staff did the same dance that the Grandes did (very jabberwocky-esque from ABDC) and it was funny to see the same thing again. They all did really well though. I had also decided this night (literally during this whole shindig) that I was going to sponsor Isaias. I felt so nervous because he’s 13 so he’s kind of a cool kid and I’m about to be a lame 20 year old. Nick went with me to tell Isaias though and even though I spoke Spanish, I made Nick do it (Sorry, Nick.) Nick tells Isaias (in Spanish) “We have something to tell you…she’s your madrina (Godmother).” And Isaias was like “Ella?” and at first I was like “oh no!!” but then he smiled SOOO big. It was really awesome. I can’t get over that kid, I’m so glad that I’m sponsoring him because it’s such a blessing. Isaias asked me to come back and I promised I would. Now promises in Bolivia are a HUGE thing so this means I definitely will be going back.

Now back to work-related things…

The reason I’m not taking time to blog about each individual day is because a lot of it is very similar so I’d be switching minor details. But I wanted to fill everyone in on the rest of the work I did. Tuesday through Thursday I switched from painting the ceiling (I had huge bruises on my knees from kneeling on the scaffolding-type-thing to paint so I had to switch it up) and I went to work on other things. I manually mixed cement, filled in holes where fence posts were going for the vegetable garden, and then switched to a new field where I cut down crops with machetes, and burned down the rest to prepare for the spring planting season. It was very rewarding and also made me so appreciative of people who do manual labor. You never realize how much hard work it takes until you’re out there doing it is as well. I’m very blessed to have experienced both manual labor this summer and a corporate job (my internship) because it gives me new appreciation for all the work people do.

When I wrap up my Bolivia story in my next blog I’ll discuss more food, Sidewalk Sunday School, and our last day in the country. 🙂

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