Final Countdown

From August 29, 2011


I declared my major today whoop!

(International Studies with a focus in Latin America and a concentration in international politics/social movements. Second major = Spanish.)

Which is also code for

I only have to pick up 1 recommendation, 1 language evaluation, and put my checks in the envelope and my application es TERMINADO.

Well…other than writing out my study plan forms but that will literally take 30 seconds, I just have to get myself to walk across the room for that haha.

Seriously I don’t know how many people read this but if anyone ever has any questions regarding study abroad please feel free to ask.
P.S I would be so embarrassed/sad if I didn’t get accepted. I am terrified that no one from Mexico will want to come here and then because it’s an exchange program I can’t go. I don’t know if that actually is what happens but it’s my fear. AAAH.  Or that they read my application and are like “Oh man we don’t want her in our program.”

So basically even though I’m relieved to be turning this in I am SO terrified that I won’t get accepted. So prayers and crossed fingers please!! 🙂



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