I think it’s possible for me to be more articulate now.

From September 10, 2011



So my last blog entry wasn’t very detailed. It was just me expressing my excitement like a crazy person. But seriously this is exactly what happened:

*Log into my UNC e-mail*
*See “DECISION REACHED – Study Abroad Office”*
*Heart starts beating 2942149821 miles per hour and hands shake*
*Click on the link to the Study Abroad website 395329531 times*
*Type my username and password in at lightning speed*
*It takes ten years to load (things always take longer to load when you’re nervous)*
*Dear Kaitlyn, UNC would like to inform you that we have recommended you for the Study Abroad blah blah blah cos I stopped reading after that momentarily*
*Fall off the side of my bed and almost trip over the baby gate (for my dogs) running down the stairs*
*Sprint to the kitchen faster than Jesse Owens*

That is exactly what happened plus some extremely impressive vertical jumps all over my kitchen while squealing and screaming. If you’ve ever been to SCarowinds when I worked there or seen me around a cockroach you would know that I have the shrillest scream on the face of the planet. Other than being highly annoying/terrifying it’s pretty impressive that I can reach that octave (or at least I think so.)

So right now my mom is all “Don’t sign the contract til your dad and I look over it” and of course I’m so anxious that it’s taking all of my willpower not to sign it. I’ve already read it 3 times. It’s basically reinforcing everything UNC had me agree to prior to applying so I’m aware of what I’m signing…however, my parents are not.

My energy tonight has been RIDICULOUS.  I probably could have ran a three minute mile (just kidding about that) cos my energy level was so high.

Well, now I can hopefully get the ball rolling once I sign the contract!

Sometime between now and Monday I will post again to talk about the next steps in my journey.

I am so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity. 🙂



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