le fin.

From August 26, 2011


The end is near.
Well, of this application at least. I know I’ve been saying that but I think now is a good time for me to reflect on my journey throughout this study abroad application.

I was considering studying abroad my junior year but sometime in June I was like “Wait…why don’t I just study abroad NOW?” Just like that. Though it has been a process, the decision was impulsive.

I e-mailed my study abroad advisor (I’d recommend you set up an appointment your first year of college if you have any interest in it at all) and he told me that the application opened July 1st.

Well, I was at the beach July 1st with my wonderful sisters Samantha, Ally, and Dalia y mis padres so I didn’t really do much except for register on the website.

Then came the massive checklist.

Basically I needed

  • A passport (obviously)
  • Official transcript
  • Two recommendations from professors
  • One language evaluation from a professor
  • A current academic worksheet (showing what I have fulfilled thus far towards graduation and my major)
  • The application fee
  • The UNC-EP application (this was an additional thing for me cos the study abroad is an exchange program through UNC-EP not just UNC)
    • Things needed for the UNC-EP App
    • That application fee
    • Transcripts/photocopy of passport
    • Statement of purpose in both English and Spanish
    • Short essay as to why I want to live with a host family
    • Deposit to live with host family
    • Tec de Monterrey application
    • Study plan forms (the classes I would like to take at Tec de Monterrey)
  • Travel warning waiver (cos Mexico has a traveling warning)

Also online for UNC I had to submit a personal data sheet, a questionnaire, set up my references and evaluations, verify I understood the various policies and had a passport, and write an essay to apply for scholarships.

To you it may seem stressful or it may seem like a piece of cake. To me it was stressful because I had to wait until I got to school to get recommendations from my professors and the due date is September 8th.

I already have one recommendation back in my folder and my other recommendation and my language evaluation will be ready next week. I also have an academic advising appointment on Monday to get my worksheets and once I write the checks I am pretty much done with the application.

Hopefully I will get into this program; it would seriously be a dream come true. I’m so nervous about it but I’ve really put as much work as humanly possible into it and I’m praying that in the end I will get to go to Mexico to study there next semester. Please pray for me and cross your fingers!! I should hear back early October.

If anyone has any questions about the study abroad application process please feel free to ask!!

I am going to continue writing in here about why I chose Mexico and various otras cosas. Hopefully I’ll be able to begin a countdown until when I am going but until then it is out of my control!



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