Nearing the end of my application.

From August 24, 2011


My stress levels have gone down ever so slightly this week.

Today I swung by my French professor’s office and left him my recommendation form to fill out then I went by my Spanish prof’s office and gave him the language evaluation form to fill out. Tomorrow I will go by my English professor’s office and he said he might even fill it out right there.

This application has definitely been a process.

Tonight I plan to write my housing essay so I can stay with a host family. Other than that I just have to wait until tomorrow when I make an appointment to get my academic worksheets updated, get the money together, and I’m done.

What strange words to say.

7 weeks of putting all of this together has come down to just 15 days until everything is due.

On a side note I’ve officially experienced all of my classes.

I really like all of my professors this semester. The class I am most excited about right now is Spanish 300. Even though mi profesora said there’s going to be mucha tarea, I’m very excited!! I finally feel like I will be challenged by this material!!
Spanish 204 was a really good review for me but most of the class was at a pretty low level of Spanish so it was harder for me to get new things out of it. My professor from that class was the bomb though and he’s writing my evaluation. I hope I can switch into his 260 class. If not my 260 profesora seems really cool so at the end of the day it’s a win-win situation.



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