From August 17, 2011


I am stressing out over this study abroad application. More so than before.

Right now I’ve discovered that my school is not doing appointments for academic advising for the first week of class. The only problem with this is you have to schedule an appointment to declare your major. I need to declare my major so I can get my updated academic worksheets.

Although I’m hoping I can go in and get my academic worksheets and declare my major later.

I’m just stressed because I’ve done everything that I can do here in Charlotte. The rest of it will have to be done at UNC.

Thinking about all of this just makes it feel like all these thoughts are bouncing around in my head and it’s hard to keep track of everything so right now I’m going to write it all down to keep track of everything.

What I need to do:

1. Give my two professors the recommendation sheets to fill out and then get them back to turn in. (They’ve already both said yes to writing them thankfully!)

2. Make sure my Spanish professor is willing to do my language evaluation then if he says yes have him write it and give it to me to turn in. (He’s been out of the office all summer but I’m hoping he says yes because he’s a great professor.)

3. Pick up my transcripts from the Registrar’s office.

4. Get an updated academic worksheet.

5. Make my study plan form.

6. Figure out whether or not I need to put a housing deposit down just in case the apartment thing falls through.

7. Print out the cover sheet & checklist.

Looking over my checklist I now realize there is more I can do here at home:

1. Make a photocopy of my passport.

2. Finish my statements of purpose.

3. Write a check for the application fee.

So basically the really big things that are stressing me out are the recommendations/language evaluation and getting my academic worksheets and transcripts together because that is completely out of my control for now.

I love Mexico so much and it would seriously be a dream come true for me to study there for so long. Please please please pray for me and cross your fingers that this will all come together soon!!

Hopefully even though this post is a big ball of stress it will help anyone considering studying abroad to realize how much goes into this process and where to begin.

I’m also very open for questions regarding this (and Bolivia.) Trust me, I have e-mailed my study abroad advisor millions of questions and he has been so patient and answered everything. I’m very grateful I don’t have to navigate this completely alone!


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