From August 23, 2011 and August 22, 2011 (I decided to combine these into 1 post)


Today I talked to my Spanish professor and he said he’d write my language evaluation!! He actually said I don’t need one because my Spanish is great but obviously it’s required for the application. He’s so nice!

I feel awful because I literally was lurking around the building and I saw him in the office across the hall from his and he met with me for a few minutes even though he did not have office hours today.

By Thursday I should have ALL of my recommendations done!! Fingers crossed.

This only leaves my academic work sheets and now writing the essay for my housing request. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I am SO much less stressed now.

And today was the first day of classes. My geology prof seems really laid back but enthusiastic about his class so that’s a plus. 🙂

August 22, 2011

back to my study abroad application.

I have finished moving into my dorm room and I am mostly organized. I put up over 70 photos of me and my friends on the wall so it’s great to be able to see all of those pictures. Because I am at school it means that I have also resumed my study abroad application!!

Here’s the low down on what’s been going on.

I’ve officially picked up my transcripts and those are now in my folder.

I have also finished writing my statement of purpose in English and in Spanish and printed that off for my folder. It said “Keep it short, about 500 words.” My English purpose is a bit longer than my Spanish purpose but both are a bit shorter than 500 words. I figured this was okay though because they’re each a little longer than a page.

My passport is also now photocopied and in the folder.

I also had an appointment with my study abroad advisor today. He has been so patient throughout all of my stress so I basically rambled off a mental checklist to him so I could feel more organized.

Wednesday I am going by my French (yes I am having a French professor write one of my academic recommendations haha) professor’s office to get my recommendation. Thursday I will do the same with my English professor. Tomorrow I will hopefully be in touch with my Spanish professor so he can write my language evaluation.

I’m also really hoping his Spanish class opens this semester so I’m going to be watching the website like a hawk until something happens.

17 days until the due date of all of this! 17 days to get 2 recommendations, 1 language evaluation, put together the checks for the folder to pay off application fees, and get my academic worksheets updated. It’s not a whole lot but it feels like so much because it’s out of my control until I get appointments and see professors!



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