The Process of Finding an Apartment in Mexico


From August 2, 2011


So right now I technically have not been accepted to Tec de Monterrey because well…I haven’t submitted my paperwork yet.

Believe me though, the minute I get to school I’m running to my advisers and professors and finalizing everything. It’s stressful having paperwork that needs to be finished, but that I cannot finish on my own.

Please pray for me and cross your fingers and do whatever else it takes to hope that I get accepted into this program though. -Knocks on wood-

Anyways, I’m trying to be proactive and search for an apartment. I’ve sent out at least 25 e-mails or so to people who are renting out rooms that I found in the classifieds. It was a website the university provided so hopefully I won’t end up with anyone sketchy.

It’s hard too though because sometimes people don’t really seem to want international students. And also it’s hard because I’ve never rented an apartment locally and gone through the process in English. So my first time, I’m searching for an apartment it’s internationally and the process is in Spanish. Wish me luck!



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