To live with a host family…or in an apartment?

From August 19, 2011

What a decision.

I’m trying to debate the pros and cons of living with a host family vs those of finding an apartment.

Here’s some of my biggest pros for host family:
1. Fantastic opportunity to speak Spanish 24/7.

2. 3 meals a day for six days a week.

3. Someone will know if I’ve been MIA for too long.

So far with an apartment I’ve just been unable to find anything. It’s hard to find an apartment in Mexico because I’m not there to look at them in person and out of the 20+ people I’ve contacted, only 3 have been in touch.

I think I’ll go with the host family…so I’ll have to write an essay on my home life and why I’ve chosen this option. I guess I’ll just have to figure out whether or not I’m supposed to write it in English.

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