From September 2, 2011


Well, I officially turned in my study abroad application today.

I feel relieved but still so nervous.

Partially I feel so nervous because there were 3 different instructions regarding the housing deposit. The actual application to the school said to submit it via transfer. UNC’s budget sheet said to submit it with the application. But a guy at UNC-EP told me to wait until I know if I have been accepted.

I wrote a note to say that I talked to him about this so hopefully since he is in charge (I think) what he said will be fine.

Today has been really good though. I got to talk to AT for about an hour. It’s always so nice to have a good conversation after not getting to for a while. I found out I’m getting to see some of my friends from San Luis Potosi at Karen’s wedding in two weeks. 🙂 And now I’m with my family at the beach.

Even though I despise geology I’m really enjoying my other classes…mostly just my two Spanish classes. School is infinitely better this year than it was last year.

I think it’s because I’m now adjusted to everything and everyone in our suite gets along really well and we can all hang out together. I liked my suite mates last year but we didn’t ever all hang out together cos we weren’t very close.

I guess that’s just an update not related to study abroad…cos I don’t know what to say now since now I just have to wait.
The date I should hear back by is October 7th but there’s a possibility I’ll hear back before then. I’m soooo nervous. Please pray and cross your fingers and wish at 11:11 and whatever you do.

I wish that I could go on the Christmas trip to Bolivia but it’s okay cos I’ll go in the summer. 🙂

This post is just kind of rambling (obviously) because I’m so sleepy.

Soon though I’ll write more on I guess what lead me to choosing Mexico. 🙂



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