study abroad emotions

The emotions that come with study abroad cover a huge spectrum.

97% of the time I am so ridiculously excited out of my mind that I am counting down the days until I leave for Mexico…but the other 3% of the time I feel sad and nervous.

I’m sad to leave my family and my dogs. I’m sad I won’t get to hug them or eat dinner with them. 6 months is a long time in doggy years. I’m sad to not get to see my friends for a long time. I’m sad that I won’t sleep in my bed for six months or shower in my shower or drive my car. I’m nervous to live in a completely new and foreign city. I’m nervous to speak Spanish the vast majority of the time. It’s definitely a scary aspect of study abroad.

But at the same time I’m so excited for this opportunity. I can’t wait to improve my Spanish and be in a new place. I can’t wait to meet new people but also to see the Morenos again and my friends in San Luis Potosi/Guadalajara/Mexico City. I can’t wait to experience an entirely different culture for six months.

I talked to a guy who studied abroad in Mexico. He told me that he loved it but there were some days when he would just break down and want to go home. I’m sure that’s how it is. He said every day he wishes he could go back to Mexico but that doesn’t mean there weren’t days in Mexico when all he wanted to do was be back in the United States.

I try and think about it like this…I have friends who are from out of state. For spring semester they literally get to go home once, which is over Spring Break. So for them they don’t get to see their family for four or five months at a time every semester.

I really am so excited to go but I thought I’d be honest and let people know that there is an emotional side to it as well.

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