Gracias a mis padres y a mi hermana

I really need to thank my parents. Like REALLY, really.

I know everyone says their parents have supported them through everything, but in real life, mine have.

I’m so incredibly blessed to have the parents that I do because without them I’d be so lost. I see my friends who never want to go home or who think its lame to spend time with their parents and I feel bad for them. Cos as much as I like my independence here, I like to see the people who made it all possible.

Through everything my parents have supported me.

Ballet lessons, tap dance, piano, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, ballroom dance, Spanish lessons, etc. I’ve ended up sticking with piano (even though I don’t practice as much I should), ballroom dance (ditto), and Spanish. Swimming lasted for quite a while as did gymnastics. But if I wanted to try it my parents let me pursue it and see where my heart was.

I think I’ve traveled quite a bit more than the average person my age. I’ve been to about 17 countries outside of the United States which is just completely baffling to me and sometimes I feel like that’s not real. My parents supported me when I went to JrNYLC to Washington DC when I was in the 7th grade and they continued to support me at state conferences and even when I went over to Europe the summer after tenth grade.

My parents have been there for me through the good times and the bad. They’ve seen my heart break and they’ve done all they could to fix it and remind me that I am strong and independent.

My parents would take up for me when I was little and I was being wronged but they also taught me how to fight for myself when I got older. They taught me not to take crap from people but also to know when to back off from something.

I feel like I haven’t given them nearly enough credit and while I probably should tell them face-to-face I’d get really emotional and cry, similar to the way I am now except for that I’m alone so I can continue typing without worrying about words getting caught in my throat.

I feel like I haven’t shown them how grateful for everything that I truly am so I’m trying to work on showing my appreciation more. Every day I think about everything my parents have provided me with and how without them I wouldn’t have such incredible opportunities. I meet students here who have parents who pressure them into a certain major or a certain school and I’m so happy my parents never did that. I’m so thankful that they let me test out literally five different majors (or more, but without ever declaring) without saying “Why would you want to pursue that?” before I finally found what truly interests me.

I’m so grateful that my parents let me have mental health days in high school and that they gave me so much freedom that I never felt like I needed to do anything crazy to rebel.

They both work so hard and I wish I was older so I could take them on a vacation but I’m a poor college student so I’d lose all of my money on that and then have to live with them until I was 45. And I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be down with that.

I’m just glad that my parents have taught me to work for what I want and need. I know sometimes I don’t always show them the respect they deserve and I know sometimes (or often) I can spend money rather frivolously but I still try. I want to show them more respect more often.

My parents are not the kind of parents who don’t show up for games or swim meets or art exhibits. They come to every single event humanly possible and that means more to me (and to my sister) than they’ll ever know.

My parents have provided me with all of the opportunities in the world but still taught me the importance of hard work. I don’t know how they pulled that off but if I can be half as good of a mom as my mom is (or half as good of a parent as my dad is) then my kids will be so ridiculously blessed and lucky.

When I talked to them about studying abroad in Mexico they were hesitant, of course, with all the drug wars going on but with research (and upon finding out Queretaro is not dangerous) they let me go forward with my application because they know this is my dream. I’m not kidding when I say they support me in everything.

Also to my sister, thank you.

My sister is incredibly blessed with a talent for basketball. She’s almost as good as me (haha jk about that.) I’m just hoping she remembers me when she’s a famous baller over in Europe.

Of course we don’t always get along because we’re sisters and that’s pretty typical. But I really do want her to know that I want to have a close friendship especially now that we’re older because she means more to me than she’ll ever know.

All of my family does.

My babies (Captain and Abigail) included.

I love all of you guys. Thank you for always being there.

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