clever title.

Sooooo I’m really impatient.

SUPER impatient, actually.

I talked to my study abroad advisor today via e-mail just to thank him for helping me so much. Trust me, I asked him 31984319851304810410420284021 questions ever 20 seconds from the end of June until the beginning of September so I give him mad props for not going crazy.

He told me they’ve sent my application to UNC-EP so hopefully hopefully hopefully that means my application will be on it’s way to Mexico soon.

I’m straying from my normal super deep thoughts (haha uhh about that) to just kind of write.

I’ve got 2 more pages of a 3 page literary analysis of the irony in “La noche boca arriba” and “El etnografo” aka the paper is in Spanish. But once I finish that I’ll be fine. It’s just getting motivated which will be el problema.

Also, I don’t want to get too ahead of myself here but in December I’ll be applying to be a host at the BLC (in Bolivia) for 6 weeks from June to July of 2012. It kind of costs money…I’m kind of in college…just a little bit. So that pretty much means that since I’m a full-time student I don’t have time for a job that would result in a lot of money which means I’m fund raising for my Bolivia trip!

If I got $20 from 150 people each then I’d have enough money to go!!

However, I will not be asking for support prior to actually applying because I know no one wants to just mindlessly throw cash around. Also, once I’ve applied I will have a snazzy button on the Children’s Impact Network’s website where money can be donated directly to me and people get cool tax write-offs and stuff!

Just something to think about.

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