going loca.

I feel like I should be writing something deep and meaningful but all I can think about is why UNC-EP hasn’t checked off my items on the list yet. That’s code for they haven’t received them and/or reviewed them yet which is also code for Mexico definitely does not have my application yet.

It’s kind of nerve wracking. I mean I know technically applicants don’t even hear from UNC until October 7th and I heard back a full month before that…but still.

I think it’s because I’m going down first to see the Morenos so I’m also trying to get that in order.

I just want to knoooooooooooooooooooooooow when I’m supposed to move in with my host family so I can buy my plane tickettttts.


But at the same time I am so nervous thinking: “What if I forgot something for my UNC-EP application or Tec de Monterrey application and they reject me and hate me forever and I cry for 3 years?!” stuff like that. I know UNC already “accepted” me and recommended me for the program which they have already begun the process of me doing post-application stuff but I like to add unnecessary stress to my life.

On a side note though…my roommate and I did ALL of our geology homework today and it’s not even due until Tuesday! Look at us now aaaye. haha

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