but of course I forgot something on my application.

Actually let me correct that statement.

I did not forget anything. I went all kinds of OCD on my application. I was so ridiculously thorough. However, I was told by one of the people in charge at the exchange program place that I did not need to include my housing application fee. To paraphrase, I was told “Don’t send in your housing fee because if you’re not accepted then you just lost $100. Wait until you’re accepted.” Catch-22. I can’t be accepted if they don’t have my application and apparently my application was supposed to include that check/money order.

I’m not mad though…because they caught the mistake. But that could be due to me calling today to figure out when I was going to hear from Mexico. (They told me December! Whaaaaaaat?! Who wants to buy international plane tickets for 2 or 3 days after Christmas with only 3 weeks in advance?)

Anyways, if they had not caught the mistake and my housing would have been jeopardized then I would have been an unhappy camper. But alas, the mistake was caught and all is good in the world. Also, they did not e-mail me to say I’d left anything else out so (I believe) that means everything is in order with my application which leads to me not worrying as much.

However, I would like to know when I have to be in Queretaro sooner than later. There are many reasons for this.

1) I’m visiting the Morenos. However, I am not moving in with them so I can’t just be like “Yeah I’ll show up at your house on this day but Idk when I’m leaving.”

2) Foreign countries like foreign people to know when they’re coming and going. I can’t just fly into Mexico and be like “Urm yeah well I’m not leaving anytime soon and I know I don’t have a visa butttttttt….”

Okay, so my “many” reasons were really only two…but I would really like to purchase my plane ticket sooner than later. I was told I might *possibly* hear back from Tec sooner than December but that’s not even definite. You think one would have more notice. But that’s okay cos I’m so excited to go!! I just want my plane ticket aaah. Plus they’re cheaper in advance haha.

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