the joys of immigration attorneys

Nothing against immigration attorneys…they’re actually very helpful. However, to me it is intimidating that I’m having to contact one regarding my soon to be legal status in Mexico.


Isn’t that strange?

I won’t be a tourist…I’ll be residing there. So strange.

Today has been quite the pain in the butt though. I called one of the many Mexican consulates in the US and was told “I am out of the office from February 21 to February 28. Please leave a message.” -________-

My reaction was something like this “Uhhhhh….isn’t it September…??”

Prior to that I called one of the other Mexican consulates and they didn’t know the answers to my questions.

Basically I’m just trying to make sure I can go to Aguascalientes for a week and then get my visa because the Tec is going to do all of that for me. I just don’t want to get to Mexico and them be like “Oh you don’t have a visa yet? kthnxbye” and me end up in the airport hotel in Houston for a week.

I think I might just be overreacting though because I’m quite good at stressing myself out regarding study abroad.

Also, the school in Mexico is telling me I will take my Spanish placement exam and register for courses prior to arrival. UNC-EP is telling me that I will do both of those once I am in Mexico. See what I mean? It’s stressful!

I think that’s one thing I’d definitely recommend with study abroad is to contact the host school and make sure you update all involved parties on contradictions. This way someone can check into it. I told UNC-EP about the conflicting info and they’re contacting Tec so everyone should be up to date. It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Although I feel like that annoying kid in class who always raises his/her hand saying “Wait…what is this? What is this…oh and what’s this?” and the teacher is just like “GO. AWAY.”

But if anyone I’ve contacted is feeling like that they’ve been very patient so I’m quite grateful to have so much help and information. Some of it isn’t always super obvious (the information) but I’ve found that any questions I’ve asked, they’ve provided answers to. So if there’s anything you wonder about when studying abroad, don’t hesitate to ask.

Also…91 days til I leave. Crazyyy.


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