Who has a ticket to Mexico? THIS GIRL.

My dad is the best dad in the whole world and surprised me with my plane ticket to Mexico!!!


December 28th I will be leaving Charlotte and flying to Mexico City. Tomorrow we’re going to buy my connecting flight to Aguascalientes but I think (counting the layover in Mexico City) I will be landing in Aguascalientes around 5:30 pm on December 28th.

Some of you are probably like “Uh why are you buying the tickets separately? Estupida.”

But you are equivocado. (Wrong). Haha.

It was cheaper to use my dad’s frequent flier miles to get me round trip tickets to and from Mexico City and then just buy another ticket taking me to Aguascalientes from there.

Also, not saying I’m awesome or anything but my dad totally is awesome because they did not have any coach seats available for FFM (thats my abbreviation for frequent flier miles but Idk if anyone actually uses that haha) so I ended up in first class!
Which is incredible. And I’m so thankful to my padre a million times over. Even though I joke that I deserve it since I always fly coach. 😉

Isn’t that such a  first world problem?  First world problems: Every time I’ve traveled I’ve flown coach.

Seriously people complain about that. I mean everything is relative and my legs did get quite cramped on my 10 hour flight back from London but who cares! I was in LONDON! Why complain about coach when you have the opportunity to see the world? That’s something so many people don’t even have.

Anyways, aside from my ramble. Holy crap! I’m going to MEXICO. And it’s official! I have a freaking plane ticket! Whooo!

I told Ally and she goes “I’M FULL OF JOY HUN!” aka that’s why she’s my hermana and I love her! And I told AT as well who is like “I can’t believe you’re coming to see us in Mexico!”

It’s insane. So unbelievable. So incredible. So blessed to have these opportunities.

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