the for real and non-sarcastic joys of immigration attorneys.

So today the immigration attorney from Tec e-mailed me back. Yay for me because I can enter the country without a visa and without any problems.

To clarify, I know I can go in and out of Mexico without a visa. I was more concerned about this trip because I’ll be there for almost 6 months (aka you need a visa after the 180 day mark) so I didn’t want to roll up to immigration in Mexico city with no return date to the US in the near future and them be like “Where do you think you’re going?” Because in my mind, this results in me being flown back to the US and staying in an airport hotel until it’s time for me to come to school.

Luckily, this was me stressing myself out and I should be able to get through immigration sin problemas!

Also, Tec has made it so that I will take my Spanish exam and register for courses prior to arrival. UNC-EP was under the impression (it might have used to been this way…really bad English?) that I would do all of this once I got to Mexico. I think I mentioned this previously. Anyway, the point is that I talked to both places and UNC-EP contacted Tec and it turns out Tec is right (makes sense since it is their test and registration haha) and now everyone is clear.

So if you’re applying to study abroad and you’re being told two different things….CHECK. I feel like the last thing anyone wants to do is end up in a foreign country completely confused and lacking the requirements you were supposed to fulfill before arriving.

Maybe that’s just me though.

Anyways! On a separate note, today is the lovely Dalia’s birthday! So happy birthday to my lovely hija (she’s 17…so that’s kind of a joke. :P)!! You’re so old now!

86 days until I am in Mexico whooo.

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