Bolivia, you have my corazón.

I would like to take some time today to talk about Bolivia and the Children’s Impact Network. By the way, this is not representative of the views of the Children’s Impact Network nor did anyone ask me to write about it…I just really want to.

So the Children’s Impact Network is basically awesome. It was founded by two wonderful people, John and Maritza Hernandez, and it serves to basically enrich the lives of so many people. I would say children but they’re not the only ones impacted by this.

My connection to CIN is through my friend Morgan. She has been going on mission trips to the Bolivia Life Center for probably 4 or 5 years, maybe more. She always told me about these mission trips because we’ve had Spanish classes together in the past and that made Bolivia very relevant to me even though I didn’t realize it.

Morgan sponsors one of the boys at the BLC and her family as a whole sponsors one of the other boys. Respectively she sponsors Nelson and they sponsor Erwin.

The idea of sponsoring one of the boys always interested me but to me it’s so hard to find an organization that is legitimate since I know a lot of scams exist. Well, I went on a mission trip to the BLC this summer and I got to meet all of the boys. I got to meet John and Maritza and their family. I got to meet Anna, Brian, Nick, and Allie who all work for the CIN. Anna lives in Bolivia full time and Brian does too. They both assured me that none of the cost ($75 per month) goes towards any administrative costs.

As in zero. NO administrative costs. Every dime goes to the boy I would sponsor. And at Christmas and his birthday I can give an extra $25 for him to purchase gifts…and trust me, $25 goes a LONG way in Bolivia.

When I was in Bolivia there were four boys who were lacking a second sponsor. I didn’t know who to choose because they’re all so awesome but I decided on Isaias. He is 13 and is kind of at his “too cool for school” stage but when he’s alone around me he is one of the sweetest boys. But when it’s with his friends…I just get the head nod like “Whaddup?” haha.

I actually should be getting a letter from Isaias within the next week or so and I will be able to write back to him and I believe send him pictures. This is my third month of sponsoring him and if I’m correct this counts as a tax write-off or deduction or whatever…(Don’t ask me, I’m bad with taxes…my parents help me with that.)

Basically what I’m trying to say is that the Children’s Impact Network is an AWESOME organization. I’ve met almost everyone involved and furthermore I trust Morgan’s family’s judgement since they’ve sponsored a child for 4 or 5 years.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child from the Bolivia Life Center (or the recently opened Colombia Life Center, also opened by CIN) go here
(Two boys from the BLC are left for sponsorship…Carlos F and Jhonny C…the rest are children from the Colombia Life Center)

If you are interested in participating in a mission trip to Bolivia or Colombia click here

Or if you’re just interested in donating in any way possible click here

Seriously…it’s an incredible organization that provides incredible opportunities to children throughout the Americas and to the people who help to impact these kid’s lives.

I wish that this entry was more eloquent but I can really only write from my heart right now.

To read exactly what happens during mission trips to Bolivia you can check out my previous entries:

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me and Isaias when Nick first told him I was going to be his other sponsor (madrina)

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