the edge.

That’s where I am right now. Not of a building or a bridge or anything dramatic like that…just that my patience has run out.

When I hear (or read) “Thank you for you continued patience” and “As I have previously told you” all that says to me is “You are getting on my nerves bitch.” (Sorry for the language.)

But that’s what I hear…because no one says those things unless they’re getting pissed off and annoyed.

This relates to me studying abroad but I won’t name names because the last thing I want to do is get some libel charges or something ridiculous because people are crazy these days. But basically, a lot of what I have been told by certain parties is wrong. Therefore when I hear what’s correct I update them.

For example, someone tried to authorize a campus transfer which would put me at the wrong campus. So I cc’ed some people and I get back that I need to be patient. I’m an impatient person, yes, but not with this. I don’t mind waiting for an official written acceptance letter but I do mind when people try to put me on the wrong campus.

I mind when I’ve been told 3 different things so I want to have the correct information I’m considered “impatient.”

I mind that when I try to keep everyone up to date on the new things I’ve heard I get “Please don’t continue to pursue this on your own.”

I’m not concerned about anything. Literally nothing. I know the deadline for my Spanish placement exam. I know the deadline for course registration. I have my plane tickets purchased. I know the visa process.

I’m a very competent person but I’m still a student which translates into me having questions about the process. I don’t always know who is best for me to reach out to so sometimes I cc way too many people into one e-mail.

But I do know that everyone from Tec has been absolutely amazing and very facilitating. I also realized that once I started sending my e-mails in Spanish that it seemed to be more fluid communication. The international student coordinators and attorneys etc. speak English there but I can’t gauge exactly how much via e-mail so I decided to try switching to Spanish and that seemed to make things go a lot better.

All I know is that I had I just handed over my application I would not know when to take the Spanish placement exam, register for courses, or know the process for a visa. Even though I’ve seemed to piss people off by updating them on (new?) policies, I’m glad I have the correct information so my butt doesn’t end up in Mexico with no classes and nothing to do.

Maybe it used to be that I could wait until November or December to get the ball rolling, but my placement exam deadline is in 18 days. And being in contact with the school in Mexico has truly helped me so much because they ARE the school there. They keep me up to date on what’s going on and answer questions that people here can’t answer.

I don’t expect everyone here to know everything about Mexico and vice versa…but I also don’t expect to be chastised for making an effort to establish communication with Tec. Without them (as I already said) I would not be aware that the dates for the placement exam and course registration are different.

Also, I had to explain to Tec why they didn’t have (and still don’t have) my application yet. All other exchange students from other countries seem to have already been accepted directly to Tec but I had to let them know that I was coming from a school where the process for me is different and I don’t get to apply directly to them. So I’m sorry I’m not sorry to all the pissed off people that Tec has been so helpful and that establishing contact with them was an awesome decision.

End rant.


Also any resemblance to real life people or events is purely coincidental and I didn’t mention anyone’s names soooooo yep. This is a fictitious post.

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