catch up.

This is just a catch up of what’s been going on in my life lately.

This past Saturday I ran the Prayer Run with quite a few members of the open team from Bolivia and my madre! 🙂 I didn’t run the whole thing but somehow I beat over half of the people…but then again a lot of people had kids in strollers but shh that’s a minor detail.

Then I went to my sister’s basketball game where only 6 girls on the entire team showed up. Isn’t that rude? I assume that because basketball is a team sport it means the WHOLE team is supposed to go to the game unless you have some kind of emergency or really important commitment.

After that I went to Courtenay’s house with a bunch of lovely ladies from Radiant Life and it was cool to get to spend time with them and talk to them.

Sunday I went to church and came home all prepared to study…til I realized I was exhausted. So I took a nap but to no avail because I believe I have a head cold. Ever since Sunday morning my head has been congested…it feels like it’s full of cotton and could explode any moment. My nose is runny and my throat is sore and there’s ridiculous pressure behind my eyes. This is the worst timing ever because between today and tomorrow I have 4 tests.

I took French and Spanish today…French was ehhh and Spanish seemed to go well. I went to my next Spanish class and turned in my paper. Tomorrow I have a geology exam and a geology lab midterm. I may keel over. I just need to survive this cold/all of these tests.

On a note related to Mexico, I just found out I was “recommended by UNC-EP” which I didn’t know that was part of the process but fingers crossed that means my application is on it’s way to Mexico. I have to take the Spanish placement exam by October 24th but I plan to do that this weekend when I have time to breathe and my head isn’t congested.

I have officially decided I’m applying to host in Bolivia. Allie told me the application opens up in December so I’m excited about that but also a little worried about raising the full $3,000 especially when I’ll be in Mexico for the time that I’m fund raising. But the good news is I believe people donate the money online at on something that links to me and they get cool tax write offs or cuts or whatever it’s called!


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