new major at UNC! :)

So UNC will be introducing a new major in the fall of 2012 called Hispanic Linguistics!

Currently my two majors are Global Studies and Hispanic Literature & Culture.

However, I really do not enjoy analyzing literature in any language. At all. Ever.

Hispanic Linguistics would allow me the opportunity to study things such as translation, the history of the Spanish language, sociolinguistics, and Spanish in the US.

Also also also very exciting para mi I can take PORTUGUESE! The first four semesters would be crunched down into two semesters (Port 401 and 402 instead of 101, 102, 203, and 204) and it would count toward my major!

I’m already taking Spanish and French but I’ve really wanted to learn Portuguese too. However, I didn’t want to have to drop French to learn Portuguese but now I won’t have to do that! I can take all 3!!

This is really exciting to me because I love languages and while I don’t know if I could ever achieve the same fluency in French or Portuguese that I have in Spanish, it’d still be nice to be at least conversational in both French and Portuguese.

It’s also amazing to me how much I can understand after just two semesters in French. Our classes are conducted entirely in French and we do a lot of listening activities so while I can’t understand EVERYTHING it’s definitely helped me to be able to understand a lot more than I would ever expect in such a short time. I imagine that because Portuguese is so similar to Spanish that I would have no trouble (hopefully) at all picking it up!

As soon as it’s fall of 2012 I will be switching my Hispanic Lit major to Hispanic Linguistics, I just hope I can get credit for some of the courses while studying abroad in Mexico. 🙂

If anyone has any questions about languages they should definitely ask me! I’ve taken Russian, Spanish, and French. The only reason I didn’t continue with Russian is because it’s a very complex language and it is the kind of language that (for me) I’d need to devote all of my time to. I just couldn’t do that with 3 or 4 other classes.

To speak 4 languages though would be very awesome. It’s also kind of funny because people get so surprised to find someone with that kind of interest in that many languages!

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