picking my courses.

Yesterday I decided to take my Spanish placement exam for Tec.

I received my instructions from Tec because even though a certain somebody told me to “not go forward with things on my own” my school in Mexico told me that I need to take the test by October 24th. Regardless of what anyone else says. Since it’s their test I figure that I should listen to them on this one because at the end of the day…it’s only a placement test. Taking it will not end the world (maybe…apparently the end of the world-predicter guy is saying it’s going to end this Friday but that’s a different story).


Anyways, it’s basically this:


Below 300: Basic level. You can take courses in English and Spanish-as-a-second-language courses.
Between 300 & 499: Intermediate. Same deal with courses.
500 or above: Advanced. You can take regular university courses in Spanish with Mexican students.


I placed into the advanced level which I am pretty excited about! It’s also a bit nerve wracking that I’ll be enrolled in courses with Mexican students who obviously speak Spanish better than me. And I’ll be doing all my work in Spanish. Taking notes in Spanish. Tests. Quizzes. Papers. And it’s not a “Spanish as a second language” class. It’s just class.

However, some of the classes in Spanish that I’m interested in are for international students. So I’ll probably end up doing this either A) 2 regular classes with Mexican students and 2 classes in Spanish for international students (i.e Mexican culture, Relationship between Mexico and the US) or B) 3 regular classes with Mexican students and 1 class in Spanish for internationals.

At the end of October I will receive the updated course guide to know what time and day the courses are. Right now I have a list of all their courses but it’s just a guide, the times/dates may be off.

What about you? Would you take classes in English if you studied abroad? Or the language of the country? Why?

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