back on track.

Excuse my last blog entry – it’s vague but it was necessary.

However, this fall break has cheered me up substantially.

It never ceases to amaze me though that when I’m home on a week day people assume I’ve dropped out of college. “Wait…aren’t you in school?” I want to be sarcastic but I just smile and say “Yes, but we’re on break right now.”

Also, if I say I go to UNC that’s what I mean. UNC Charlotte (aka UNCC) is a great school. But it’s not where I go. So if you say “Where do you go to school?”  and I say “UNC” please don’t add in the extra “C” for me as if I forgot it. UNC. Carolina. Chapel Hill. First public university in the US. The end.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system – this fall break has been good.

I’ve had to accept a few realities that aren’t exactly awesome but going to church this morning made me feel way better about these. I mean I really like Radiant Life but I’ve never gone to a service that has just made me feel SO much better.

I know I’m a little bit boring now because things are kind of lulling with Mexico. Placement exam? Check. Within the next week or so I should be receiving stuff about course registration.

I’m not sure if my application has reached Tec yet but they are so accommodating and I really appreciate it.  Hopefully they’ll get my stuff soon though; mail takes a while between the US and Mexico.

Speaking of mail…I received my letter from Isaias!!! I haven’t quite finished writing back to him but I’ll be sending the letter out tomorrow or Tuesday.

Stay tuned because coming up in about 2 weeks I have study abroad orientation (pre-departure) and I need to look into what to pack. Any ideas?

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