I went to study abroad orientation and…

it was awful.


Okay, that was a slight exaggeration.

I met a lot of cool people who were going to Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Germany. There are A LOT of people going to Germany. It also made me jealous that I don’t speak German.

I met these people because we all had to sit at the table numbered the same as our name tag. I’m pretty sure we were the obnoxious people and that everyone hated us because we didn’t follow the rules to the dumb card game we played (sorry we’re trying to have fun!) and because we were laughing and not all stick-up-our-butts-ish.

Also, I met the 3 girls going to Mexico…so out of all the UNC schools there’s 4 people going to Mexico haha. Nobody wants to go pero no me importa cos I don’t really wanna chill with Americans anyways. If I wanted to do that I’d stay in the US or go to Cancun.

The reason I say orientation is awful was because it was 5.5 hours of useless information. I mean they were all like “you need your passport. you need toothpaste. you shouldn’t carry all of your cash with you at all times. don’t go in dark alleys alone.” And I guess it’s some liability crap and I know some people are stupid because this is how I’ve found all orientations to be. When I came to orientation for UNC during my senior year it was crap. “Don’t drink and die” as opposed to “This is how you register for classes” and other useful information that I would have liked.

But back to the card game.

Apparently they gave each table (there were 20-something) a different set of rules. And we started play at our tables then two winners would move to the next table and so on. It was some crap about language barriers or culture shock or communication or whatever. However, my table didn’t understand the rules they gave us so we just played war and built card houses and threw cards on the table. It was hilarious but we got a lot of nasty looks.

Some girl at some other table allegedly got really pissed and started like banging her fists down on the table because no one else at her table was playing by “the rules” since everyone had different sets of rules.  Whatev. People were soooo serious. I’m just trying to get immersed in culture and have fun and I expect challenges but I don’t understand how you can move to another country alone and not have a sense of humor and a good attitude.


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