México, tienes mi corazón.

I won’t lie to you. I’m running out of things to write because until I receive the list of classes that I can register for I can’t really say anything else.

This week is also a bit stressful. 2 Spanish papers. 2 Spanish exams (hey, that’s what happens when you take multiple classes of the same subject). And a geology exam.

I’m feeling kind of unprepared for my Spanish poetry exam. Poetry isn’t really my thing and it definitely isn’t in Spanish (even though I love Pablo Neruda). So I won’t be taking any literature courses in Mexico (I’m jinxing myself, I just know it.)

Anyways, I’m sleepy. I miss my friends who moved back to Mexico.  I was talking to AT earlier and he was like “I’m really excited for when you come! I just have to see you!” And it just makes me so sad because it’s like….they’re gone. And they’re not coming back to live here. And that’s what sucks.

But I really am so blessed to have the opportunity to spend so much time with them when I’m in Mexico.

Mexico really is a wonderful and incredible place. People discredit it a lot (in my opinion) but it’s sooooo rich with culture and the people are amazing.

So is the food.

Blaah I wish I had something better to say especially if this is your first time reading my blog.

Please go back through the history of my  blog and find something more articulate…I promise it exists.

Also I did interval training at the gym today whooo. It was hard. But awesome.

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