Imma be foreign, y’all.

To begin: I don’t ever say “y’all.” Not that there’s anything wrong with it, however, I never ever ever say it because it doesn’t come naturally to me. However, I felt that it enhanced the title of this post.

Moving on.
Today it just hit me that I’m going to be foreign.

AKA I’m used to being American. Anyone from a different country is the one with the accent. Now it’s about to be me.

I’m really nervous though!!

You know when someone comes to the US and they make mistakes in English and everyone is like “Aw that’s so cute! I love the way he/she speaks English!’


Well, I feel like that’s not going to happen in Mexico. This fear is probably irrational but I feel like I’m going to go to class and people are going to say “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL?!?!”

Hopefully not though. I can just feel it though. I speak Spanish really well…but when a large group of people is chattering in Spanish I can’t focus well enough to know when someone is trying to get my attention unless they’re screaming my name at me for about five minutes.

Ooh I’m so nervous!!

I’m going to be in classes with Mexican students and I’m going to  be so foreign and I’m hoping people don’t laugh at me because I don’t speak Spanish as fast or as well as they do.


*Further proof I never say “y’all* is I originally spelled it like “ya’ll'” which is apparently wrong haha. Oops.

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2 thoughts on “Imma be foreign, y’all.

  1. Well, my folks are from the midwest and they say ya’ll. I checked with Mum and she’s been around way longer than Wiki-whatever-ia and she says it’s spelled ya’ll. Either way you’re covered.

    Don’t worry. You’ll be fine in Mexico. It’s a wonderful place and the people are kind and generous.

    • goingtomx says:

      Thanks! Now I don’t feel so bad about my alleged inability to spell colloquialisms.

      Thanks! I’ve been to several parts of Mexico before so I am super excited. It just hit me though that I’ll actually be living there and that I will be the foreign exchange student as opposed to it being my home school where the other kids are foreign. It will definitely be an experience!!

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