Some information about what this blog is for.

Hey Guys,

Lately my blog has been picking up a bit of speed with new readers (you should click the “follow” button so in case you don’t see new posts you’ll know to call the Mexican authorities haha.)

On a serious note though, this blog thus far has discussed my application process for studying abroad. It chronicles the ups and the downs because it’s so exciting but also very stressful.

I also talk about my mission trip to Bolivia. To read about that in detail go here:

Reading about Bolivia

Some more about Bolivia

Bolivia trip (last part) 

You get the point. There’s more about it but those cover the most info.

Also my blog is now featured on I Love Study Abroad which I think is pretty cool! 🙂

This particular entry has absolutely no flow. I apologize. I’m trying to keep it brief but it’s obviously failing.

Basically what you can expect:

  • Soon I will register for courses (hopefully in the next 2 weeks)
  • The first week of December (allegedly) I will find out my host family
  • December 28th I leave for Mexico
  • From there expect lots of exciting stuff! Pictures! Videos!
  • I’ll be there til May!
  • But I need to raise $3,000 dollars to host in Bolivia (mission trip) for 6 weeks this summer
  • Once I get back to the US then go to Bolivia expect to hear all about Bolivia!
  • Le fin
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2 thoughts on “Some information about what this blog is for.

  1. travelingmad says:

    Congratulations! This sounds like a really exciting adventure.
    Bon Courage!

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