Oh, packing. How I loathe thee.

*Disclaimer* Normally I am an EXCELLENT packer. I went to Bolivia for 10 days with only a CARRY ON. This is because I HATE the thought of my luggage being in someone else’s hands. I’m the person at the luggage carousel going “ALL OF THE SUITCASES ARE BLACK?! IS THAT ONE MINE?! NOOOO SOMEONE MUST HAVE STOLEN MY LUGGAGE!.”

It’s not pretty. However, all of that is internal so no one REALLY has to witness it except for me. If there is anyone traveling with me I’ll usually whisper my panicked thoughts to them while breaking out into a nervous sweat. Then my black suitcase rolls towards me all decked out in ribbons and flowers and cupcakes. I always decorate my suitcase to the max but I never fail to think “I bet some troll ripped off ALL OF MY DECORATIONS.”

I think this is a sign I’m too attached to my clothing.

Unfortunately, given that I’m going to be in Mexico for five months…I must pack more than just a carry on. Unless I want to wear the same 7 outfits over and over again. As a female, I do not want to do that.

My biggest issue right now is my shoes. I own purple, red, brown, and black slouchy boots. I own black high-heeled boots that are awesome. I own some grey ankle boots. I own another pair of black boots. Plus I’m not sure if I should bring high heels or not. I own wedges, open toed shoes, and pumps. But I’m already 5’9 which is a bit taller than the average height in Mexico haha. And I need to bring tennis shoes so I can work out. And of course flats. And my toms. And my sandals. And my flip flops. All of that is going to take up a lot of space.

And what about my blow dryer? That thing is huge. My make up bag alone is pretty big but I don’t plan on looking awful the whole time I’m in Mexico.

One thing I have figured out is I’m bringing travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to suffice for the first week and then buy the rest there full-sized.

I can’t forget important things either like my computer, my camera, and their chargers. Clothes for every day are good but it’s also important that I have clothes for going to the club and formal clothes in case I get invited somewhere nice. Bikinis are important too because there’s nothing worse than not having a bathing suit when everyone wants to go swimming.

This part is for the girls (sorry guys) but tampons are important. I mean apparently in Latin America there’s not an abundant selection. So 5 months of that? I’m going to get stopped by immigration as some kind of tampon dealer.
Then there’s the medicine. It’s not enough to just bring ibuprofen and any prescriptions. You gotta bring an entire pharmacy worth of medicine AND you have to make sure it’s legal in the country you’re going to! Nothing like getting arrested cos you didn’t realize Tylenol was illegal in the country you’re traveling to. (I don’t think it’s illegal anywhere haha that’s just my example.)  Also you gotta bring all the embarrassing medication like imodium and AZO because if you DON’T then you’ll get diarrhea and a UTI at the exact same time. It’s bound to happen.

Not to mention that if all of this doesn’t fit in one checked bag, a carry-on, and a purse then I will be paying an extra bag fee for my domestic flight from Mexico City to Aguascalientes.

The joys of packing. 🙂


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One thought on “Oh, packing. How I loathe thee.

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