grumble grumble complain complain.

Honestly, I have nothing to be complaining about. Because my complaint would be “I have too much stuff,” which is a problem that I recognize 99.9% of the world wish they had.

It’s just a pain in the butt trying to pack to go to Mexico AND prepare my room for my family to move while I’m in Mexico. Despite the fact that I’m throwing TONS away and giving TONS away, it seems that the piles just keep getting bigger and bigger.

So far though I’m pretty excited because I’ve seemed to fit almost ALL of my stuff (for Mexico) into one giant suitcase plus a carry on and a backpack. Hopefully I won’t realize I need 932451928402 other things and end up having to check two bags.  In case you missed it this is all about my fear of checking bags.

I’ve got to go to work in about 2 minutes but I thought I’d hop on WordPress to groan about my first world problems.

I leave in 7 days though! I can’t believe it. I must get out of here though or American Eagle will not be happy campers about me being late to work.


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