Remind me why I’m at 3 am?

Oh yes, because I’m packing.

I feel like all this blog talks about lately is packing, but it’s true!

My family is moving while I’m in Mexico, so I’m not just packing for study abroad. I’m also donating old clothes and throwing away/recycling old things that I don’t need anymore.

It just keeps making my room messier and messier. The new house we’re moving into is really pretty but my room and closet are going to be a lot smaller so even trying to think of how much will fit is making my head hurt. Thankfully, my family will be moving the stuff in for me. It’s honestly preferable because my mom is good at utilizing spaces to their maximum potential.

I’m just really sad though that tomorrow night will be my last night ever sleeping in this house ever again. =/

I know that home is where the heart is. But it’s still gonna be weird when I return from Mexico to a house that I’ve never even set foot in before. I’m really thankful that I’ll have my family, of course, because that’s most important. But I can’t lie and pretend I’m not gonna miss my room.

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One thought on “Remind me why I’m at 3 am?

  1. Jesalyn says:

    Hang in there… You will return with FULL of hope and happiness. Your experiences in Mexico will definitely carry through long after your return. Trust me! XOXO 🙂

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