Mexico update!



So right now I am in an internet cafe with Dalia and Ally. As most of you know, internet is a bit more limited in Mexico so I might be updating a bit infrequently but Ill try my best.  Also, Im not using apostrophes because I cant figure it out on this keyboard.

Im trying to think of where to start…hm.

After I updated my blog last time, I found out that one of the bottles of foundation had completely shattered in my quart sized bag so I was rushing to clean that up before I boarded as I stabbed myself with glass from the bottle. My flight was pretty good, I sat next to this American lawyer who lives in Mexico City currently because hes taking some kind of Spanish immersion course.

When I got off the plane I went through the basics – immigration and customs before becoming really confused. The airport in Mexico City is HUGE.  I had to take some kind of Airtren to the other terminal because it was 2.5 miles away. I rechecked my bags and shoved food in my face/tried to look more decent. I also met some dude who thought it was amazing that I had a US passport.

Anyways, I was so hyped up but I had to wait 4.5 hours before boarding my flight to Aguascalientes. The flight itself was super short and when I got off the plane we walked to baggage claim (the airport is tinier than I can possibly describe) and I saw the Morenos!

I grabbed my bag as soon as it came off the plane and I ran like crazy (well as fast as humanly possible because I was rolling about 90 pounds behind me) and as soon as I was past the security guards Dalia and Ally tackled me pretty much. We screamed and they were crying and everyone who wasnt us was laughing.

AT and Eduardo had to stay at the house because they thought there wouldnt be room with my bags but it was just as exciting to see them too!

It didnt feel real at all to be in Mexico and especially not with the Morenos after all the time its been.

The first night we were all kind of in shock. We still kind of are because it feels like no time has passed or that were gonna wake up and it not have happened.

Im trying to keep this short but theres just so much to say!

The first night Ally, AT, Dalia and Eduardo took me to walk around Aguascalientes a little bit. It is SO warm here and I love it. I met a couple of their friends too.

On Thursday we woke up and watched Grown Ups and got ready to go to the mall. Ally and I also made crazy videos while we waited for everyone to get back from basketball.The mall is basically the exact same here except the security is toting huge guns. And when I mean huge guns I mean HUGE.  And the mall had a cool play place like when Jeepers (or whatever its called) was in Concord Mills. We also went to Blockbuster because those still exist here!! And we rented The Last Song and The Other Woman but then I kind of fell asleep during it.

Yesterday we all got up and Ally and I went to the gimnasio where her dad coaches a little boys basketball team. We beat AT in a game and then we played knock out with the little kids. Ally has a little friend who thought it was so cool that I could name all the things in the gym in English.  Last night we went bowling and I killed it! I made a 160 heyyy. Then we saw Sherlock Holmes in Spanish. It was really weird to me to watch a movie that I know should be in English but in Spanish.

Today we made the coolest video ever so you guys will just have to stay tuned for that! And tonight we are going to celebrate New Years!

I miss everyone in the United States, especially my family! I love everyone too but I am so happy that I have the opportunity to be here!

Also, the food here is AWESOME. All of it. Seriously.


But January 3rd I take a bus to Queretaro. 😦  Im excited to go but my host family STILL hasnt responded to me!!! I sent them another email just now and gave them the phone number to contact the Morenos but I told them we would call them today or tomorrow. Ive saved all the numbers of safe taxis and ITESM emergency numbers though.

The next time I update will probably be later than January 3rd so Feliz año!!! 🙂

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