I typed this last night but here you go:

Right now I am sitting in my bedroom but I’m not actually typing this on word press. The family I live with is switching companies for their internet and phones so I have to wait until all of that goes through to be able to access the internet from home. However, if I go too long then I won’t remember what I have to say and that’s a problem.

I arrived in Queretaro last night around 6:30 pm and it was very stressful. I hadn’t been able to reach my host mom since December 5th, whether it was by e-mail or phone and I was afraid no one was going to pick me up. When I got to the bus station I wandered around the entire building looking for ANYONE. Finally, I bought a ticket for a taxi and headed outside. Of course for whatever reason she was waiting for me outside by the taxis (instead of by arrivals) holding a sign that said “KATLEEN.”  Her name is Maru and she sold my taxi ticket to some random person so I only lost 8 pesos which is like…70 cents. Let’s go back to Saturday though since that’s the last time I blogged.

Saturday evening was definitely interesting. We all wanted to go out but no one know what was around and actually fun so we stayed in watching Step Up (en espanol) and drinking margaritas and pina coladas. Then we were inspired by Step Up so we danced around, but AT and Eduardo were being lame and just watched us. After a long time debating what to do and some minor sibling arguments, we decided to make a hip hop video. Hopefully I’ll post it soon because it’s AWESOME.

Anyways, we practiced that for like 2 hours but then at 1 am Erick and his dad came over to the house. It was while we were practicing so when Arturo opened the door we were all in the midst of dancing to Lecrae. We all got ready and went to Erick’s house until 4 am. I felt bad because they gave me this drink that was beer, tomato juice, and lime and well….I don’t really like beer and I SUPER don’t like tomato juice. I awkwardly drank most of it then gave it to Ally haha.

Needless to say, we all slept pretty late the next day. When we woke up we went to the centro which is basically downtown. It was pretty awesome because we went to a bull fighting place like where the toreos are and we met a guy who worked there so he gave us a tour. We got to see all the little tiny bulls and then the huge scary ones. We went to go eat hamburgers before going to church which lasted forever. Don’t get me wrong, it was cool…but I was getting really restless sitting in a church in Spanish because I don’t know a lot of religious words in Spanish.  After church we went home to work on the video some more. We thought it would only take like 30 minutes but two hours and three recordings later we finally had it perfect. This is good because it was about midnight and Ally and I had to wake up at 5:30 am the next day to go to her school.

Waking up was quite terrible. It took all of the will power in the entire world to get up and get ready. I was so jealous of everyone else still sleeping but I was super excited to go to classes with Ally. When we got to her school her professor didn’t even show up for the 7 am class! Ally’s school is a lot like middle school – everyone in your major is in the same classes so only the professor changes, not the rooms. At 9 am there’s English, which Ally doesn’t have to take so we went to eat.  At 10 she had her math class and everyone was staring at me because I’m American. We played this game and then went around in a circle introducing ourselves.  When it got to me the prof was staring at me pretty expectantly and one guy goes “en ingles!” but Ally said “sabe espanol!” (She knows Spanish.) So I was like “Hola, me llamo Kaitlyn y tengo 20 anos.  Soy de los estados unidos y Ally dice que tengo acento.” Which made everyone laugh but I’m not sure if it was in a good way or a bad way haha.

I met tons of Ally’s friends and I don’t really remember all of their names but they all seemed pretty nice. Most were surprised I spoke Spanish.

After school Dalia came with her padre to pick us up and we ran back to the house to get AT and Eduardo. Normally Ally doesn’t go to their basketball practice but I really wanted to spend as much time with all of them as humanly possible so we went to the Marlyck gym. The guy who owns it is American but he’s spent 60 years in Mexico so he speaks Spanish perfectly.  He wouldn’t even speak English to me!  I was super sad because this was my last night in Aguas. L That night I stayed up until 1 am talking to AT and Eduardo about pretty much everything on the planet.

The next morning Ally had to go to school again but I obviously stayed at the house because I had to leave at like 1:00 and she doesn’t get out of school until I think 2 pm normally. We said goodbye but I was pretty much asleep so I left her a note in her room so hopefully she’s seen that by now. I got up at 8 am when everyone else was still sleeping and showered/packed then went into AT’s room and was like “GET UPPPPP.”  That took an immense amount of effort because he got up and then went and sat on Ally’s bed that I had just made and laid down on that. After everyone got moving I went to the park with AT and Dalia. We went on the coolest slide ever and did swings, seesaws, and the jungle gym. Dalia said we had to enter the “Mexican way” so instead of going through the very open main entrance, we squeezed through the bars of the park.

Saying goodbye to the Morenos was quite sad because I was so nervous about traveling alone by bus through Mexico but it turned out to be okay. PrimeraPlus is a really nice line and they played movies the whole way. I didn’t watch any though because I prefer to watch movies in the language they’re filmed in.

Anyways, I suppose I should let you guys read this before I do a further update. Right now I’m in Starbucks and wifi isn’t even free here! What?!








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