tan lines in January.

Yep, I already have tan lines. On my feet. From wearing my Toms. It’s really attractive.

So I’m not sure exactly where I left off in my last post and I’m too lazy/pressed for time to check.

Right now I’m sitting on campus and it’s 1 pm my time but I don’t have class until 4. However, I must go see the immigration attorney and blah blah blah. I also have to pay all my immigration fees and housing fees and ladeeeda in cash. It’s a pain in the butt because you can only withdraw 3000 pesos or something like that daily.

I’ve been in Queretaro since January 3rd now. On the 4th and 5th we had orientation stuff which was cool because I got to know a lot of other people. The vast majority of people here are from Germany or France. There’s also a lot of kids here from Brazil and some of them don’t speak English so we have to speak Spanish together. Have I said that already? It’s weird. But cool. Good practice.

Although I feel bad because a lot of the Americans want to speak to me in Spanish and it’s just weird to me to speak in Spanish to them. I do have a complaint thought. Este pendejo told me that when I speak Spanish I have a terrible accent. Listen, I know I have an American accent when I speak Spanish. That happens when you’ve spent your entire life in the United States. However, I do try to pronounce things correctly. I don’t go around pronouncing things wrong. I think being fluent is a little bit more important than having a Mexican accent because last time I checked he has a strong accent when he speaks English.


So far I’ve been exploring Queretaro a lot. I want to live here. FOREVER. On Thursday night we went to a club which was really cool. I like all the music although sometimes they did play slow songs which was really weird for a club. On Friday we got to sign up for extracurriculars and I signed up for pilates and salsa dancing.
After signing up for stuff we went to eat lunch at a 180 peso restaurant (it was bad. Don’t ever pay that much for food here. It should be no more than like 70 pesos. But better if it’s around 30 haha.) And went on a kind of walking tour around Queretaro.

That night I went to a going away party with Ramiro and some of the German students. Saturday…I woke up and we walked around Queretaro some more.  Then we went to another party for some German students (I think) who are going back home for this semester cos they’ve been here since August.  Sunday morning I woke up and went over to Mathias’ house. We walked to the bus and took it to el centro (which is like downtown) and did even more exploring. We went to some cool arts and crafts set up thing the streets. Then he tried eating crickets…chapulines. It was nasty. I really need to get on posting some photos but it’s hard because I still don’t have internet in my house.

I think I’ll post again tonight while I’m still on campus and I’ll go into detail and hopefully put up some pictures as well.

I’m getting stared at quite a bit already haha. Also if I had a dollar for every time I got honked at while walking to school then I’d be straight up hood rich.

Oh and today…(haha I’m really bad at wrapping this up) I have Social & Cultural History of Latin America.

Le fin.

I’ll post later today hopefully.

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