Recap of Mexico City

You guys seemed to like my photos but I figure I should give some details on my trip into the city!

I left Friday early afternoon with Ludivine, Maren, and Tash. The others, Cassian, Helene, Lucile and Alice, were meeting us later.

The bus ride wasn’t bad at all and we were in the hotel probably around 3:40 or so. Friday night wasn’t very eventful, we just shopped and then ate at Chili’s with everyone who joined us.

Saturday we all woke up early, ate breakfast, lalala and then walked to the Angel of Independence Statue. It was really cool but it was surrounded by police so we were a bit freaked out til they told us it was Police Day. From there we walked to Zona Rosa which is basically the place where all the hip gay people hang out/shop/drink Starbucks. It would have been cooler if we hadn’t gone so early, a lot of the shops were still closed. 😦  We kind of explored a market a little bit before doing the most touristy thing ever. We got on a double decker bus (it was only 147 pesos per person!) and toured the whole city.

We got off in Zolaco which is el Centro Historico. It was amazing! The National Palace is there, there were dancers, markets, a huge plaza, and awesome food. We ate in some little taco place and it was so delicious. People always say you shouldn’t eat street food in Mexico. True fact: if you don’t eat street food, then you’re missing out.

We walked by the ruins after lunch but didn’t go in because when traveling with a group of 8 it’s hard to organize activities that everyone wants to do. We got back on our bus and saw Polanco. Holy. Crap. Polanco is SO RITZY. I’m talking Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Bulgari, Tiffany’s, if it’s expensive – it was there. The shopping center made me want to cry because even a t-shirt was over US$200.

Back on the bus we went through Condesa which had nice restaurants. A lot of the group ate there later but I was sick and so was Tash so we ate Chinese food in the food court of the mall with Alice. It was ballin.

That night we also went up to the Tower of Latin America to see Mexico City from the highest building in el DF. It isn’t very tall compared to New York or anything but it was an amazing view.

Sunday, we all went to the National Museum of Anthropology. It’s apparently super famous. I’m not a huge museum person so I’m glad I went but then Tash and I bailed out to go to Xochimilco to see all of the canals and the boats. Some guy tried to charge us one thousand pesos to go on the boat ride. No thanks. Especially cos the boat next to him was FIFTEEN pesos. FIFTEEN.

The canals are filled with gorgeous colorful boats full of people or mariachis or even people selling food and drinks to tourists. We got off onthe other side of the canal and went through the markets before taking a taxi back to Cuautemoc (which is where our hotel was.) It was a very expensive taxi ride because so many streets were shut down due to protests.

There were some issues in the bus station with finding our bus and whatnot but everything was pretty awesome overall. I’d definitely recommend going to el DF if you are near it in Mexico. 🙂


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