My host family

probably thinks I’m dead or kidnapped.

I mean I didn’t go out last night…I  just happen to not have left my room yet this morning because of this essay.  Plus I keep reading “Along Came a Spider” which I know is not a recent book but I’ve not read it and it’s on itunes for $7.99.

My thinking is really backwards because I’m sitting here like “No, if I leave my room now they’ll be like ‘Where have you been?!'” But if I wait longer…well, then it will just be a larger amount of time that I’m MIA.

Back to my book…I used to promise I would never read books digitally but alas I was forced to in Mexico. #firstworldproblems (Sorry, I know this isn’t twitter but I had to.) Because books here (in English) are ridiculously expensive. I know I should read in Spanish but right now my whole life is pretty much in Spanish so some English is good.

Anyways, tomorrow is an adventure to San Miguel de Allende and Sunday is an adventure to either La Pena de Bernal or Tequisquiapan.

Stay posted for exciting photos!

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2 thoughts on “My host family

  1. Here’s to e-books! You could even buy mine in Mexico but you won’t find the paperback for thousands of miles.

    • goingtomx says:

      They’re really pretty great! I mean, I hope they never actually replace paperbacks but they’ve really been useful since I could barely fit my ipad in my suitcase let alone books with 400 pages! What is the name of your book?

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