Adventures in Mexico, to say the least.

I know I’m posting twice today but my last post was pure photos and I really want to connect on here a little bit more and talk about life in Mexico.

I ended up not going to La Peña de Bernal yesterday nor did I go to Tequisquiapan. It’s quite an interesting story though. My friend, Ricardo, was going to pick me up at 11. Then I found out he was still asleep so I was not a super happy camper, just a mildly annoyed camper. I was waiting and waiting and waiting. He texted me and said he needed to get gas and I was like “Okay, cool.”  Then he texted me and was like “Yo, so my car didn’t need gas…it decompuso.”  Which, I just spent five minutes trying to find a translation of that but I can’t. And I don’t know car lingo in Spanish…so basically something with the wires and engine and blah blah blah.

I asked him “Where are you?” (Although technically this entire conversation was in Spanish due to the fact that he does not speak English. I mean a little bit of English, but…very basic small talk.) And he tells me he’s at the bus station. I’m super bored and trying to avoid writing an essay (which I’m still avoiding by typing this blog entry now) and I get in a taxi and head over there. While I’m in the taxi his phone dies. So I’m wandering around the bus station like “Great, now I’m bored AND I spent 45 pesos.” Which is barely $3.

Finally I see a whole other side of the bus station and I walk over there and alas, there he is working on his car with his dad. Fast forward and the car is still dead. So Ricardo starts to put the floor mat in his trunk, hanging over the bumper. And I’m like “Um…why are we doing this?” and it turned out it’s because his dad was going to push the car (with his car) all the way home. The entire ride I was like “No me gusta. No me gusta. No me gusta. No me gusta,” because in Mexico they drive CRAZY.

Fast forward some more and we ate pozole in his house. I LOVE POZOLE with an undying passion. Seriously. Then we watched some movies and I introduced him to the world of s’mores.

Did I mention that prior to introducing him to s’mores I drove? In Mexico. Oh yeah. Like a badass. Even though it was for probably for only 1.5 miles.  They have speed bumps in the most random places here and it makes no sense.

I’m rambling a bit now but I figure you can either stop reading here or continue, whichever you want but I gotta keep my family updated.

On Saturday I went to San Miguel de Allende with Tash, Helene, Mary Claire, and Lucile. Everyone hyped it up SO MUCH. I mean it was beautiful, but not what I expected. We saw La Parroquia which is one of the most photographed churches in Mexico apparently. We ate delicious Italian food. We went to the hot springs. Ladeeda.

Mary Claire and I gave our sandwiches from the bus to some homeless children. I mean it’s sad when you see homeless adults, don’t get me wrong…but when you see homeless children it’s heart breaking.

Thursday night we were at El Centro and there were three homeless children sleeping in the street. I literally wanted to cry. So now if I have food, I give it to them. It’s not much…but it’s a start.

It’s crazy to think how much we (including myself) take advantage of what we have sometimes. I’m really blessed to have this opportunity to come to Mexico!

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