Is that a tongue in my taco?

Yes. It is.

The one on the right has a cow tongue just chilling in it.

The one covered in green salsa? Yeah, that’s cow tongue. Probably not the whole tongue but IT WAS NOT CUT UP. I tried it…and it was so chewy that I just couldn’t do it. I try to be open-minded about food but I could not get over the fact that I was “making out with a cow” as Tash put it. Anyways. I’ve tried it. And now it’s over.


This weekend I will be a bit MIA because I’m going to Aguascalientes to see the Morenos. 🙂

Tonight I’m going to the birthday of la mama adoptiva de Ricardo.

I’ve decided one of the worst things about study abroad is knowing how much you’ll miss all the new friends you have when you leave. Waah.

Stay tuned for a list of what I miss about home and how to deal with it!

PS…Did I mention I submitted my application to host in Bolivia? I hear back February 10th!

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