An Essay on why I like J.Biebs and Twilight.

This might get lengthy and will have several tangents, but I will connect in back to traveling in Mexico. Don’t you fret.

Last night I was traveling from Aguascalientes to Queretaro on a bus. I was all alone and bored and sitting next to some dude who would not shut up to his friend across the aisle. I started thinking all deep and artsy as we passed by really tiny, crappy houses that were falling apart.

I was thinking about how life is waaaay too short to be consumed in the way others perceive you.

That sounds really weird as a sentence but it makes sense in my head.

Basically, throughout  my life I see all these other people trying SO hard. Now before you guys get all “Omgg you’re so self righteous” please know, that I know I’m not perfect and that I try too hard sometimes, I’m sure of it.

But what I see is people trying hard to be SOMETHING that they want other people to see them as. Especially people who “don’t care.” Which is ironic. You know how I know they try really hard? Because it takes A LOT of effort to perfectly mess your hair up and find some vintagey-original-grandmaish-but-still-cool sweater. Don’t tell me you do that all for yourself when your various social networking websites are splattered of pictures of yourself “just laying around on a Tuesday omggg didn’t even plan to take these pics guyz.” Please.

Now it sounds like I’m calling out hipsters, but I’m really trying to call out everyone who alters themselves for other people.

I’m 20. I go to one of the best universities in the US. I’m pretty smart. Sometimes. But guess what? I read Twilight and I liked it.  I listen to Justin Bieber! I still listen to “that screaming music” on occasion. I watched Disney movies with princesses and did not spend my time analyzing how “all of the princesses are teaching young girls bad lessons such as needing a man blah blah blah.” I played with Barbies and I do not have these weird perception of what my measurements should be.

You know why? I really think I’m onto something here…

because I just take things for what they are.

Twilight is a book meant for young teens, it’s a fun, light read. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE WAR AND PEACE.
Justin Bieber is a teenager who makes pop music.
Disney movies are MOVIES.  They’re romanticized, sure, but I do not lay around like “Oh wow…I really wish I had a man to come sweep me off my feet.”
Barbies are TOYS.

For real people.

Basically what I’m getting at is that life is short. Why do people take themselves sooo freaking seriously? Obviously you have to be mature and pay your taxes and whatnot but why can’t you just take things for what they are?

Stop putting people down for what they like. I mean if they’re into something weird and illegal then yeah, you can judge a little, but not just innocent things!

People take themselves WAY too seriously these days.

Like what you like, bro.*


*Unless it’s unethical/illegal. Duhh. haha


P.S I never really connected this back to Mexico. Suck it up. It’s my blog. Stay tuned for more Mexico updates probably tomorrow or Thursday.


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