Rainy days in Mexico.

Well, as much as I hate to admit it…it’s been raining in Mexico.

For almost two weeks. STRAIGHT.

Granted, when I was in Aguascalientes there was no rain but that’s a completely different state.

It’s been dreary and cold. And by cold I mean in the 50s and 60s haha.

But seriously…I want my sunshine back. Tomorrow I’m going to Guanajuato.

I’ve just been really wrapped up in partials lately, but I’ve finally taken all of them. Last night I went out to the Biergarten where Ricardo works with Jutta for a bit and then we met up with the international kids when Ricardo got off at Barra Habana.

I ❤ salsa dancing yaaay.

Honestly I wish I had something more exciting to say but we’ve kind of settled into every day life lately. My visit to the Morenos was awesome, there were 13 of us in the house which was insane! But really fun. I went to AT’s games and they won all five.

I watched the dook game on TV Wednesday and was quite upset by the outcome, but I have no doubt that we will kick their asses on March 3rd!

And yeah…I’ve been in Mexico for over 6 weeks. Where is the time going? I seriously never want to leave. Ever. EVER.

But I think I said I’d mention stuff I miss about the US so (other than people) here it is:


Panera Bread


THAT IS IT. So if my family and some of my friends came here I’d be good to live here forever.  Seriously. I’m coming back to live heeeere. I have to.


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