Welcome to the land of PDA.

Yesterday was, of course, Valentine’s Day.

My Valentine’s Day plans got cancelled. I mean I watched “Crazy, Stupid Love” on Monday night with Ricardo but that’s literally it. Unless you count me eating chocolate and quesadillas.

Anyways, so on Tuesday I was super bored. Really bored. All alone. No homework. Nada.

I, being incredibly stupid, decided to go to the movies. Alone.

I was thinking “Well, it’s a Tuesday…people probably aren’t celebrating.” And seriously if you ask most of my friends to do something on a school night they’re like “No…I have to save money/do homework/sleep/wait for the weekend to go out/insert reason here.”

So I walked over the movie theatre alone without even asking anyone and I saw “The Woman in Black.”

A boyfriend and girlfriend of probably 14 years of age sat next to me. And made out. During 87.3% of the film.

It was terrifying and I was like “I immediately regret this decision.”

But alas the movie was surprisingly good and creepy. Creepy enough that I skipped the first entrance of my neighborhood to continue walking down the lit side of the highway to go in the entrance closer to my house.

Warning though…if you come to Mexico, people love to very publicly make out.

Especially in the library of my school. It’s not just a quick cute kiss either. It’s a get-a-room-cos-this-is-grossing-me-out kiss.

I think that’s the one thing I’ll never get used to here.

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