The complexity of taxi drivers

My feelings on taxi drivers in Mexico range quite a bit. I think I’ll make a list of my life experience with taxi drivers, which is actually more like 2 months of experience rather than a lifetime.

1. The cat-call taxi driver. I experience this nearly every day, assuming I walk to school. The taxis here literally have this device on their horn that will make a cat call. I asked Ricardo what it is and how I can obtain one so I can be just as obnoxious, but I forgot what his response was. Apparently though it’s prety common to have this cat-call device on your taxi. Please  note that the amount of cat-calls and honks will go up if you’re wearing a skirt but will be at their lowest if you have on jeans and a jacket with a hood.

2.  The creeper taxi driver. This taxi driver will ask women “Do you have a boyfriend?” (Hint, the answer is ALWAYS “Yes, he is big and scary and does lucha libre.) He’ll also ask if you have plans to return to Mexico and if you do not have a boyfriend, would you like one.

3. The seemingly-innocent-but-still-creepy taxi driver. This guy tells you “Oh I like-a to respecta ze womeen” but then asks you for your name to add you on Facebook. I now have a friend request awaiting me from a taxi driver who is probably in his 50s. I felt trapped so I told him my name because I figure he already knows where I live so I don’t want to get murdered. Now the question is whether to deny it or just let it sit forever. Acceptance is out of the question, even though he claims to only want to practice his English.

4. The genuinely nice taxi driver. This is the taxi driver who will pick you up at 5 am and chat with you about the weather and your studies. He is also the guy who will drive you waaaay out to the middle of nowhere (La Gruta) then give you his number so he can come back to pick you and your friends up because no taxis frequent that area at all.

There is also the taxi driver who does not say much and that is fine with me as well because sometimes I just like to watch Queretaro, especially at night because it’s so beautiful.

Also there’s the manic crazy taxi driver who I always think will be the last person who sees me alive because they drive like we’re in Fast & Furious: Mexico Drift. That is always quite terrifying.


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