Nothing like seeing a dead body in the streets

to brighten your Saturday night.

This weekend I went to Aguascalientes to visit the Morenos. It was awesome because it was last minute and last minute trips are the best kind of trips (if you ask me) also Motown music is the best music. But that’s off topic.

Everything was fine and dandy but when we were on our way back Saturday night from AT’s game we saw a bunch of police and ambulances roping off a section of the road.

When we got closer I noticed that it was a body covered by a sheet. Some poor guy had been riding his bicycle and then (presumably) been hit by a car. However, said car was not there so I believe it was a hit and run. And knowing Mexico, the guy is probably never going to be caught and brought to justice. I always joke about how scary they drive here but that really proved my point.

Please wear your seat belts and follow the rules of the road! I know it sounds silly (probably even sillier to a new driver) but these little decisions can literally mean life or death. And if you’re on a bicycle please wear something so that people can see you and try to stay as much to the side of the road as possible.

On a lighter note (because even though this is really sad, I don’t want to bring everyone down) I got accepted to host in Bolivia for two months.

I have to raise approximately $3,000 by May 1st (the first half due by March 20th…but no pressure eughh haha) so if anyone wants to support me and/or promote me please let me know! As soon as my support page is up on the Children’s Impact Network website I will post up a link. If you donate you get tax write-offs! Everyone likes those!

My next post about Bolivia will include all the information of my trip so you’ll know it’s legit. Any donation helps. But I seriously hate asking for money. I was the worst at selling wrapping paper in elementary school.


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