I hate to do this but…

there’s something I gotta ask you guys.

I wish it was a really cool question that you’d be enthusiastic about answering but it’s not. I also wish I was as witty as Jamie (The Very Worst Missionary) about asking for this…but alas, I am not.

I kind of…


sort of…



I know, I said it was coming months ago and now it’s here.

See, the thing is I’m a poor college student (who isn’t these days, right?) going on a mission trip to Bolivia.

I am incredibly blessed to have this opportunity. Seriously. What intimidates me is that I’m responsible for raising $3,050, with half of that being due by March 20th. Which is you know…18 days away. But seriously, my support page just went up.

Something I want to make clear about this mission trip is that I’m not running around Bolivia cramming the bible down people’s throats. This is not about forcing people to believe anything.

It’s about helping the boys (ages 4-18) at the Bolivia Life Center (BLC) to heal. They have suffered terrible abuses, often at the hands of their families. They have been left out in the cold. In the streets. Alone. The BLC gives them a safe place to grow. It provides them opportunities to receive an education. No one is forced to stay, all the boys who are there have chosen to be there.

It’s about going to villages where the people live in extreme poverty and bringing toys and games to their children. We spend our time playing with the kids and then performing a play based on a story from the bible. They win prizes for memorizing our memory bible verse. We sing songs together.

Not only do we have a chance to impact these children, but they impact us. Last summer when I went, I fell in love with the people and the country. They left the biggest prints on my heart that I could possibly imagine.

And that is why I have to go back.

I’ll be serving as a liaison for the teams that come to the BLC throughout the summer and the Children’s Impact Network.

I double pinky promise swear that it’s legit. See for yourself: http://www.cinonline.org

I’m not asking you to throw money into the abyss of the internet, rather, my support page is here. Seriously. Click. Clickety Click.

The best part for you (other than the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get) is that you get TAX WRITE-OFFS! Whoo. That’s good right?

Seriously though, thank you for any consideration and/or donation.

Even the smallest amount helps.

God bless!

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