Mariposas in Morelia.

Sorry for being so MIA lately, we’ve just been having partials so my life was not particularly exciting. However this past weekend I went to Morelia, Michoacán to spend some time there and then go to Agangueo (sp?) to see the butterflies!

On Friday there were no set plans. No one had tickets. No hostels were reserved. Nothing. Finally Kathrin, Mary Claire, Lucile, Helene, and I managed to throw some plans together and we were off on a bus to Morelia at 5:50 pm with very little planning.

We also booked a hostel, which I have never stayed in one of these scary places before, but it really wasn’t that bad! We stayed in the Tequila Sunset Hostel which was dirt cheap and very clean/safe. Although my original thought was that I was going to be kidnapped in the night and taken to a warehouse where I was to be tortured by rich businessmen and then brutally slaughtered.

Luckily for me, that did not happen.

Anyways! Friday night we arrived pretty late so we just went for dinner and explored the city center a bit before going to a cute little cafe/bar/thing for coffee and dessert.

The next morning we got ready before heading out to the centro. Our hostel was a few blocks from the centro so it was perfect. We saw some really cool traditional dances (that are apparently meant for Day of the Dead):

After lurking around for a bit we hopped on a tour bus which was only 55 pesos per person. It just took us around the small city so we could see what the major sites were. 

I failed to mention that before the centro we went to El Mercardo de Dulces which is the market of sweets and shopped. I didn’t buy anything because all of my money is disappearing into the costs of traveling. (Tonight I’m going to Manzanillo!)

Helene and Lucile had to leave because they both had partials and/or assignments due that Monday and Kathrin went back to the hostel to take a nap.

Mary Claire and I walked around literally the ENTIRE city (well the city city) for a few hours. We went down the Callejon de Romance which would be more romantic if we had significant others, but it was worth seeing. We got to see some girls in their gorgeous quinceañera dresses posing for photos in the area. I also got honked at a ton because as Kathrin would say I was wearing “hot pants” (aka shorts, but it was HOT!)

At night we went to see De Panzazo which is a documentary about the education system in Mexico. It was incredibly interesting so I’d recommend it! 

The next morning we had to wake up at 5:30 am to go see the butterflies, because Agangueo (really need to check the spelling on that) is 3 hours from Morelia. Luckily for us, Daylight Savings doesn’t happen til April so it didn’t affect our sleep schedule.

The tour guides we had were nice but I was sketched out at first. They collaborate with the hostel but it was 2 guys (1 Mexican guy, 1 guy from Holland) who picked us up in a Sedan. I mean seriously? Apparently we were their first tour so they asked directions about 4 times from locals on the way to the butterflies so I was convinced we were going to die.

I wore flats to this trip because no one told me that we had to hike. So I hiked wearing flats. Interesting experience, but I must say that I never fell! Unlike a certain someone (cough Kathrin cough) who had on proper tennis shoes.

It was an hour hike to see the butterflies but it was so worth it, check it out:



Thousands of butterflies come to Mexico for the winter, within the next few weeks they’ll be heading back to Canada. We were told it takes four generations of butterflies to get there.

On the way back from the butterflies, Kathrin and I took ponies up the mountain. I was scared I was going to plummet to my death because I haven’t ridden a horse in probably ten years so it was a bit intimidating. Mary Claire has pictures of me on the pony, I’ll have to get them from her.

Also when Kathrin and I went to use the bathroom the mean little old man tried to not let us back in to the sanctuary because our tour guides had our tickets but he was still hiking. I argued with that little old man and we finally proved to him that we had already checked in. But even when Kathrin tried to show him her pictures he was like “That proves nothing!” I mean seriously, wtf?

Finally we ate delicious food and it started hailing like crazy for about ten minutes and then came to a stop randomly.

I’m growing weary of typing but I’ll finish up. On our way back down the mountain the brakes got heated up and stopped working so we ran into a truck to park ourselves. After 15 minutes the brakes were good to go and we made it back to Morelia sin problemas. 🙂

And now I shall go pack to go to Manzanillo!!

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