Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

I can see it in your eyes…

No not really but I have been quite the absentee blogger due to being on Spring Break!

I’m not sure if I should recap Mexico City or spring break…

Here’s Mexico City in a brief description: Last minute trip with Mary Claire. I went down Saturday afternoon to meet her there (she went a few hours earlier) and we just kind of wandered around the city. Went to Zona Rosa (the zone for cool hip gay people in Mexico City) and ate ridiculously expensive cupcakes there. Ate delicious sushi with Rachel and Erin in Condesa (ran into them in that very trendy, very awesome neighborhood). Had plans to go out. Didn’t because we’re lame/old/tired. Woke up early. Tried to go on tour of city. Couldn’t due to strikes all across the city. Instead went to park and Condesa. The end.

Spring Break is a week worth of stories so I’m going to break it into parts.

Thursday (March 29th) I was packing to leave seeing as my flight left from Mexico City at 7 am the next day. I napped a little during the night but woke up at 1:00 am to call and a taxi and go to the bus station. Mary Claire and I caught our bus at 2:30 am as did Lucile and Marion, but their bus was to the Embassy and they would meet us at the bus station.

We were supposed to arrive to the airport at 5:30 am. I have no idea what happened but PrimeraPlus rolled in at 6:20 am. Mary Claire is saying to me “We are going to miss our flight!” And I was just like “No, I refuse to miss my flight.” So we try to grab our bags from underneath the bus and the man is like “no, wait bla bla bla” and I’m like “I HAVE A FLIGHT AT SEVEN AM” and this random woman goes “GIVE THEM THEIR BAGS THEY HAVE A FLIGHT AT SEVEN AM”, I love her, by the way.

Commence mad-dash through the airport trying to find Vivaaerobus. At the counter (where Lucile and Marion already have their boarding passes, but couldn’t get ours since you have to have ID) the woman tells me “Um no, sorry, we’re already closed.” I, of course, say “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE CLOSED? YOU CAN’T BE CLOSED.” And she says “Yes, sorry, we are.” And proceeds to ignore me. I’m fuming and determined. Mary Claire has gone to talk to Lucile and Marion, possibly in defeat, I don’t know, you’d have to ask her haha. Finally I turn around to the woman and (in Spanish) go “Look. It’s NOT my fault the bus is late. We were due to arrive at 5:30. I ALREADY PAID FOR MY TICKET. I will NOT miss my flight due to something that I did NOT cause. I planned accordingly to arrive on time and it is NOT MY FAULT THAT WE ARE LATE. I NEED MY BOARDING PASS.” I think honestly the woman just got tired of being yelled at in Spanish by a gringa so she gave us our passes. We couldn’t check any bags cos it was too late (which I didn’t need to check a bag anyways, cos as you all know I am VERY anti-checking bags due to the unreliable-ness of airlines) but Mary Claire planned on checking one. Sucks for her.

So we skip half the security line. Which, by the way, I was saying “Sorry, excuse me, we have flights at 7 am, sorry” anyone was free to stop us. And finally someone did. I didn’t want to be rude, butttt I was in a bit of a rush. I tried to tell Mary Claire to throw all of her stuff out cos I knew she’d have to throw out all her liquids, but alas no one ever listens to me (that’s kind of a joke but only if you’re reading this, MC, haha). And as I am always right (lol) she got held up by security and had to throw her stuff out. This was at 6:57 am. But I left her because I mean…I don’t want my friends to miss their flights there’s no point in me missing the flight. So I’m sprinting through the entire airport toting my heavy backpack and bag and make it to the gate completely out of breath. I tell the lady that my friend is coming lalala and we finally are all 4 on the plane (Helene meets us in Oaxaca later that evening).

Man, I’m stressed from just writing about that. I think that’s a lot to handle so I’ll just write about Day 1 in Oaxaca and then leave the next part to tomorrow.

In Oaxaca we meet a guy on the colectivo taxi (taxi shared by lots of people) and he comes to stay in our hostel. He seems cool but I’ll talk about it more later.

We all (sans the guy) go to the market to browse around for a bit but I’m exhausted so I head back to the hostel for a nice two hour nap. When the other three girls return they also nap until Helene arrives and we all go out to a relaxing dinner together.

Our tradition is to always order margaritas when we travel (we’re so original) and I had quite the delicious strawberry margarita with my chiles rellenos.

We didn’t go out or anything because, once again, we are old and sleepy. And we had a big day the next day which I will discuss tomorrow!

Sorry, I’m getting carpal tunnel from typing this. 😛

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