I’m still alive, kind of.

Some quick points

1. I promise I’ll finish blogging about spring break. It’s just that right now I have TWO ten page essays to write IN SPANISH 1.5 spaced so yeah. I’ve finished seven pages of one thus far! (And they’re each due in a week – nine days so be proud of me for not completely procrastinating!)

2. My friend today who also has the two ten page papers to write lost 1.5 pages of her essay today. I’m totally calling her out but without using a name so she can’t feel too bad if she sees this (love you girl! haha) but that only affirmed to me how awesome I am for always e-mailing myself what I finished after I write a new page.

3. Tomorrow evening I will be on a bus to PUERTO VALLARTA until Monday night. ❤ ❤ We’re staying in the Vamar Vallarta. ALL INCLUSIVE. Dream come true.

4. I lost some friends this year but I gained some INCREDIBLE friends as well and I am so thankful for the past two weekends I’ve had with those amazing guys.

5. Translating from Spanish to English is hard when you realize how much technical-speak there is in your professional project.

6. I have to leave Mexico in less than a month. WAAAH. D: I am so excited to see my family, dogs, friends, Panera, and Target…in that order. Although Panera & Target are at a draw.

7. I love my life. I’ll be back soon to update more!

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