Spring break, resumed.

Bear with me please, guys. So I left off with dinner in Oaxaca?

I failed to mention that in between my nap & Helene arriving that we went to Monte Albán (ruins, one of the earliest cities of Mesoamerica). Here’s a photo:

Moving on. I don’t want to sound like a douchebag but once you’ve seen some ruins, you’ve seen ALL of the ruins. And to be honest (which I prefer to be) I’m not a ruins person. I’m like “oh cool.” And that may sound ignorant, but I love learning. I just prefer to see things like where Marie Antoinette got her head chopped off. That’s more my cup of history tea.


So Saturday (March 30th) when we woke up we were headed out on a tour. First we went to see the Árbol del Tule which has the largest circumference of a tree trunk in the world or something like that.

After the tree we went to Teotitlán de Valle. They make a lot of very intricate hand-made rugs there. These rugs are butt expensive. But really cool. Just know that they’re going to cost you an arm & a leg because they are hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-everything.


After that we really got the party started by going to a Mezcal factory. Mezcal is a liquor made from maguey which is a form of agave (same thing tequila is made from). The youngest mezcal is the strongest and the oldest is the smoothest. We all tried all of them. And then we tried some of the flavored mezcal creams. Needless to say, after doing this everyone was feeling good. I feel weird saying that. We’re the drinking age here so whateva whateva we do what we want. But seriously the youngest mezcals are WAY too strong. It burned. But mezcal is drunk straight, not mixed. And someone did the shot with the worm in it.



Drinking all of that Mezcal had me feeling brave so I finally tried chapulines (toasted grasshoppers cooked with garlic, lime, salt, and chile) and they weren’t that bad. But that could have been the Mezcal talking.

From there we went to Mitla (more ruins) and that was cool, whatevs.

From Mitla we went to Hierve del Agua which is a petrified waterfall and it was just amazing. Until the storm started. We were soaking wet and freezing.


That night we had a bus to catch to Puerto Escondido! This is by far my favorite part of the trip. The bus was overnight so we arrived bright and early at the beach. The hostel we stayed in didn’t have any real rooms left so we paid less money to sleep on the hanging beds outside.


Puerto Escondido is just honestly so breathtaking. We spent our time there relaxing, swimming, going turtle/dolphin watching, and FINALLY we learned to surf. We all stood up several times (minus Lucile I think D: ) and it was incredible. I love Puerto Escondido. We only spent two days there and that was not enough. Check out how gorgeous it is:


I planned to finish my spring break post with this but now I realize I still have to talk about Chiapas in its entirety so I’ll be back for that tomorrow. And then I can talk more about Aguascalientes and Puerto Vallarta.


Also, I am 85% of the way to my goal for my mission trip to Bolivia! Only $418 to go!! If you are interested in donating, ANY donation no matter the size helps. And when you go to the website you’ll see it’s a legit organization, not just some sketchy thing asking for money. So please check it out. 🙂 And even if you don’t donate, even prayers help! 🙂


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