Exploring my city.

When school ended I decided I really needed to take some time to explore Queretaro. Queretaro is the city I had come to call home for my five months in Mexico. I slept, ate, and attended school there. I lived there!

But I had not really explored it since very early January. Unless you count exploring all of the clubs over and over again.

So I set out with Helene, Tash, and Lucile to rediscover the beautiful city where we lived. First we set off to the market:

so much nail polish! (I’m a sucker for nail polish.)

gorditas for breakfast en el mercado!

yes, this is very much real and very much normal (but gross) in the market.

candies y chiles

luchalibre masks!!

It was really amazing to see our city through the eyes of a tourist. We got called out a lot for being foreign and taking so many pictures, but we wanted memories!! We had gone 5 months without taking touristy photos of the city so now was our opportunity.

The next day we met for a final taco date at our faaaaavorite place!

3 tacos de chorizo y una quesadilla sencilla. (three chorizo tacos and one cheese only quesadilla.)

final taco date. 😦

outside of the university where we studied!

And on my way home I decided to take some even more touristy shots!

sign advertising luchalibre

view from the bridge near my house.

for those of who you think Mexico is composed of only dirt roads. ;P

my house!


That Thursday night I went one last time to Barra Habana to salsa dance with Jutta (from Finland, who is now a sister to me).

Looking back at these photos gives me such nostalgia. Queretaro is such an incredible city and I really wish everyone had the opportunity to go see it.


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2 thoughts on “Exploring my city.

  1. I love Queretaro, especially the colonial center is beautiful!! I hope to go back soon. 🙂 Greetings from Cancun

    • goingtomx says:

      It really is so beautiful!! I hope to move back after I graduate. And I’m so jealous you’re in Cancun! I didn’t have time to go when I was in Mexico this time.

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